In 1854, in a former bark mill, Hyacinthe Gérard and Eugène Didier founded a hinge factory, exploiting the motive power generated by the mill's two water wheels.
Down the years, the company has grown, has seen its name change to HGD s.a. and witnessed a significant increase in production.
Today, Mr Roger Bertin, the company's new owner is the last Belgian manufacturer of hardware for the construction industry.

Situated close to Bouillon in the Belgian Ardennes, HGD s.a. is a family company which has a loyal staff, many of whom have been with the company for several years. This means that they are perfectly knowledgeable about the business, the products and the hardware market.

The size of the company as well as its structure allows HGD s.a. to be very reactive, flexible and capable of adapting quickly to the demands of its customers. 2500 stock references make it possible to deliver our customers within the best deadlines.

The entire organisation, as well as the manufacturing cycle, is subjected to permanent quality controls on the manufactured products.

HGD s.a. is distributed in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in France and in the Netherlands.

For several years, HGD s.a. has been stocked by Brico, Carrefour, Brico Dépôt, Brico Plan It, Lecot, Hody, Fernand Georges, Menouquin, etc.

Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD  Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD  Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD  Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD
Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD  Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD  Penture Reglable - Brevet HGD
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